Today   2019

The Original Stand circa 1950


Mid 1960s or so

The Stand in 2016

Our Story

In the year 1950, on a small family farm located on West Main Street in rural Dover Foxcroft, Maine, Velma and Earl Butterfield built a small roadside ice cream stand as a way of using some of the milk being produced by their small herd of cows.  In the beginning, the ice cream was made in the Butterfield's barn.  After freezing it, the ice cream was then brought to the stand, which was located next door to the barn.  After a few years, a foundation was built and the stand was moved back onto it.  The production area was moved to the basement of the stand, where it remains to this day. 

A lot has changed in the last 70 years.  Much of the Butterfield's farm land has been sold off but the stand still sits on an acre of land at its original location.  It has been through a couple of changes in ownership also.  The Scribner family purchased it from the Butterfield's, who then sold it to the Dubois family. During the fall of 1999, Donna and Bob Winkler purchased it from the Dubois', who with the help of their 3 children (in the earlier years and as recent as last year) continue to own and operate the business today.

What hasn't changed is the quality and flavor of the ice cream.  The cows are no longer here but by using many of the original recipes along with the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, we are able to produce a product far superior to commercial ice cream.       

Over the years, Butterfields has become an unofficial historic landmark in the town of Dover Foxcroft.  We have been serving generations of families for more than 70 years and continue to do so today.  Our process of producing ice cream in small batches yields a product rich in flavor and so creamy that it melts as soon as it hits your tongue.  Our blend of traditional and unique flavors and our freewheeling, fun loving, and friendly atmosphere have made us popular with people of all ages. 

Please check out our other pages to view our homemade ice cream flavors.  Thanks for visiting.